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Altrincham Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Reasons for Wasp Control
Wasps are related to the honey bee and both are generally regarded with caution because they can sting. In late summer wasps are often seen flying around at outdoor activities where food and drink are served. They land on the food, crawl over the rims of glasses and often seem aggressive. Wasps will attack and sting, especially if threatened and they can sting more than once without dying. When they sting they inject a venom into the skin. The consequences can be pain with minor itching and redness that wears of quickly, to severe swelling taking days to resolve or even allergic reactions that can in rare instances be life threatening and require immediate medical treatment.

Identifying Wasp Nests
The first clue that there might be a wasp nest in the home or garden is the sighting of wasps flying in a specific area. Dawn and dusk are times when the reduced lighting makes it easier to spot the wasps flying in and out of their nests. If wasps are spotted in spring or early summer the first step in wasp control is to correctly identify that the insect is a wasp and then locate its nesting site so that an appropriate Altrincham wasp nest removal treatment can be initiated. Wasp nests are found in a variety of places. Some are exposed and relatively easy to see such as attached to the side of walls, trees or plants, on beams in attics, garages, outside sheds or eaves of houses. Equally, the nests can be concealed in the loft space or in spaces behind walls or underneath floors, and the wasps flying back and forth through a crack are the only evidence for the nest.

Wasp nests tend to look like paper because they are constructed predominantly from wood fibres, softened by chewing and mixed with saliva to make a pulp. The pulp is formed into combs and resembles honeycombs. Wasp nests can have hundreds to thousands of wasps.

Altrincham Wasp Control
The best time of year for wasp control is in June after the queen has established her colony and while the colony is still small. The type of Altrincham wasp nest removal treatment used is dependent on the accessibility of the nest. Insecticides are dispensed as aerosols or as a dust. These are formulated for use in the home. Using a professional Altrincham pest control service trained to issue the chemicals safely is recommended practice. Wasp nest removal Altrincham treatment can also be mechanical.

Wasp colonies only survive one season from spring to late autumn. However, young queens from that season stay alive. They hibernate over the winter under tiles or in crevises. In spring, they search for a suitable nesting site, start building a nest, lay eggs and the new colony forms. Hence the importance of making certain all of the wasps in any given nest are destroyed.

Old Altrincham wasp nests should be removed because although they are not reused by new wasp colonies other pests may use them.

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