Bumble Bee Nest Removal

Safe Altrincham Bumble Bee Nest Removal

The buzz of bumble bees is common to the outdoor areas of many homes during the spring and summer months. While having a few visiting the flowers in a garden is no particular problem, it is a different matter if these insects decide to set up home in or around your property. The sting of a bumble bee can be a painful experience and if their nest is disturbed, they can go on the attack in numbers. The best option if you find one is professional Altrincham bumble bee nest removal, with Young’s Pest Control offering a speedy service that can have a problem nest dealt with in no time.

Types of Bumble Bee

bumble bee removalThere are a variety of bumble bee species around the UK, and both native and invasive species can take up residence in a number of areas inside and around a property. Most have common characteristics of being around a half to one inch long, large bodies with a furry appearance, and a sting that breaks off after use. The majority have black and yellow or orange stripes, with the actual colouring varying from species to species. Their preference for a home can also vary, with a tree bumble bee infestation likely to be found in the hollows of a tree trunk while infestations of other species can be found in holes in the ground, in attic spaces, and under up-turned flowerpots.

Reasons to be Wary

Hiring a professional pest control company for Altrincham bumble bee nest removal is common sense as the bees are likely to be protective of their nest. This greatly increases the chances of being stung for those that have a colony living in or around their home. At best this is an unpleasant experience and at worst it can be extremely hazardous for those that are allergic to bee stings. It is far better to be safe than sorry and arrange for an Altrincham bumble bee nest removal to get rid of the danger.

Services we Offer

Young’s Pest Control provides a service that guarantees that a tree bumble bee infestation or any other colony around your home will be completely eradicated. Our specialist are trained to carry out the job of safe Altrincham bumble bee nest removal to ensure that they and anyone in the vicinity of the nest will come to no harm as it is dealt with. We offer a same day service for those that want bees removed quickly, so give us a call to arrange for us to visit your property.

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